Lunesdale is a modern creative multipurpose web design studio near Kirkby Lonsdale. I provide highly professional web sites with our without e-commerce web shops, quickly and ready for you to do business.

What is included in the standard web package

I will provide you with a consulting session so I can gather the necessary information and requirements. I will then design and build your new website on your host, add the logo and images and text and ensure that it is all working correctly on both mobile and desktop so that you are ready to launch. I will then show you how to mange your site.

Are there any additional fees to consider?

The host costs and the domain costs are annual fees charged by Fasthosts. For illustration you should budget for around £20 for domain names annually and £60 for hosting fees annually. If you would like me to support your site throughout the year and apply updates and make changes for you then budget for around £300 for this additional service (£25 per month).

Can I manage my own content?

Oh yes absolutely. Each website comes with its own management console where you can make changes to your words, pictures and other content. or you can ask me to manage your site for you if you are busy running your business.

Do you provide ongoing site support?

Yes I do. I will keep your site up to date and make minor updates and changes as required. The current cost for standard website management is £300 per year (£25 per month).

Can I add a web shop later?

Yes absolutely. I can add an online shop facility to a standard website for an additional fee at any time you are ready.

Do you assist with social media?

I will advise you on a general social media strategy to increase your brand presence online. If you wish me to help do this for you I can do this for an additional fee of course. For example I can set up a channel on Instagram and Facebook and link them to your site and together and then help get an additional audience of followers to get you going.

You service is quite cheap. Is it for real?

I am tired of friends and colleagues being ripped off by bogus web firms. I work quickly so I can ensure that you get what you need for the price I charge. I know how long things take to achieve. I also have a vested interest in my community and want the local businesses to do well then we all benefit. I was born in Cumbria and wish our area to prosper.

Do you guarantee your work?

Yes I do. If I do not delivery your website as agreed prior to booking then I will give you a full refund, no questioned asked.

Will my website look good on a mobile phone?

Yes. all the sites I build are fully responsive and mobile friendly for a vast array of screen sizes. This is essential as Google requires its listed sites to be mobile-friendly. I test each site on a cell phone prior to completion.

Can I manage my own web shop products?

Yes you can. Once your site is complete I will show you how to easily populate your online shop with products or services and how to change prices and photos and create offers etc. For an additional fee I can populate your shop for you to get you going as long as you have images of your products.

Do you manage the hosting?

I will ask you to set up a Fasthosts UK account for free and your site will be hosted under your own account name so that you retain control of your website and domains at all times now and in the future. I have been using these professional hosts since 2007 with no issues.

Do you include a website email address?

Yes each website comes with its own unique email address that matches your domain name (e.g. If you already use another email address I can set an auto-forwarder so that any website emails go straight to your personal email. If you wish to use a Microsoft 365 Outlook email service, I can configure M365 for your new domain for your email.

Can my shop offer multiple payment options?

Yes absolutely. For the simplest service I would recommend you set up a PayPal account to receive funds but the e-commerce services can cater for a multitude of payment options and even multi currency if required.

Can you write content for me?

A lot of site owners request this and your text needs to be Google and social media friendly so I am happy to advise you or I can create the text for you. However due to time constraints you must be available to check the content at the time I build your site and I can make changes at that stage. I can also provide professional royalty free photos for your site to give it that special edge.

Can you produce infomercial videos for my website

Yes absolutely. There is an example on this site and they are charged by the length of time. Most infomercials run to either 30 seconds or 60 seconds and I use professional clips, editing techniques and can add a music sound track if required. The video is then added to your website or added to your YouTube channel (I will set one up) and embedded in your site. You can then also use your video as a reel on Instagram etc.

Can I use multiple domain names?

Yes you can. You primary domain name (typically will be used to house your website but you can have multiple domain names pointing at your website for marketing purposes. It is also very sensible to protect your brand. Domain names are not expensive to purchase.

How do I pay for the website?

Once we have had a free consultation session either face to face, at your premises or on the phone you can then pay using my own web shop on this site. During the consultation I will agree the scheduled start date with you so that you know exactly when your site will be ready. most sites are ready within 5 working days. I do not work weekends.

Where is your web design studio?

Middleton near Barbon. I pride myself on being local to the area and the customers I serve.

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