Lunesdale is a modern creative multipurpose web design studio near Kirkby Lonsdale. I provide highly professional web sites with our without e-commerce web shops, quickly and ready for you to do business.

Website Hosting

Hosting your website matters because the performance needs to be balanced against cost. I am an authorised WP Engine Partner, specialists in WordPress performance hosting internationally. I also occasionally use Fasthosts UK. Both are international hosting companies with superb

Content Writing

Writing content for websites is an art form. Succinct and expressive as well as engaging but also including a range of elements such as a call to action. I have years of expertise in writing great content as well

Domain Names

It is not just a case of purchasing a domain name, it is a case of researching and purchasing the domain name together with associated domain names that will best represent your brand and help get you seen online.

Website Build

Building a website requires technique, skill and expertise. It is rather a methodical process but takes a lot of concentration and understanding of where, what and how. Then comes the page layouts, the colour palettes, images, navigation structures, footers,

Website Design

Effective web design takes skills and expertise and if you require your business to have the desired impact your website needs to look good. Ads in social media and TV would have you believe that you can make your