Lunesdale is a modern creative multipurpose web design studio near Kirkby Lonsdale. I provide highly professional web sites with our without e-commerce web shops, quickly and ready for you to do business.
Lunesdale web design services

Website Design

Effective web design takes skills and expertise and if you require your business to have the desired impact your website needs to look good. Ads in social media and TV would have you believe that you can make your own professional site in a few minutes – you can’t. Modern web designs are always evolving and they need to take into account changes in human behaviour. For example, 80%+ of all your site visitors will come from using a mobile phone, so your website must be fully responsive to different mobile devices and work perfectly whatever the screen size. If your website is not fully mobile enabled, Google is highly unlikely to even list it.

Planning and design strategy

The Lunesdale Web Design Studio considers your existing brand (if you already have one) and comes up with a suitable complimentary design for your business. If this is a new business, we will discuss the look and feel that will work best for you. If you do not have a logo then one will be designed for your site to get you started. Once the design is complete we can then start the process of building your site using the stylistic elements, colour choices and design features which will make your business stand out.

Lunesdale web design services

One needs to consider that your online presence will require a consistent brand which may spread from your website across other areas of social media. Therefore your branding matters as do the images, colours, logo and many other elements that make up a highly effective online presence.

We use WordPress, Elementor and other plug-ins to the facilitate the designs professionally and often use professional templates which we will alter to fit your brand. This is how we can deliver highly-professional websites in just the space of a few days. We also take this approach to allow sites to easily update and be modified in the future if you so require.

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