Lunesdale is a modern creative multipurpose web design studio near Kirkby Lonsdale. I provide highly professional web sites with our without e-commerce web shops, quickly and ready for you to do business.
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Building a website requires technique, skill and expertise. It is rather a methodical process but takes a lot of concentration and understanding of where, what and how. Then comes the page layouts, the colour palettes, images, navigation structures, footers, widget configuration (yes widgets), installation of plug-ins, updates to certain software and so it goes on. Why adverts on TV and in the media claim anyone can do this is beyond me as it takes some years to master the wide variety of site designs that work and how they fit different types of subject groups and audiences. I take care of all this effort for you and ensure you receive a lovely website that works as designed. I also test your site on mobile phones to ensure that the design is responsive to a variety of devices. Once all this is done I can then concentrate on adding in content and making things look great for you and your clients.

I take a great deal of time to consider whether image sliders and carousels work best or whether a video header is more effective for a particular brand.

Lunesdale Web Design
For those clients who wish to have a website with a web shop then there is more work to to. I need to install and configure the e-commerce software, ensuring that it works for your product or service categories and then configure the payment methods and test to ensure that it is working before uploading some products. So as you can see, it all takes time and can get very busy for a day or three in the middle of a site build.

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